Language & Culture

June 30, 2016

International Friendships has a variety of opportunities available for you to practice your conversational English, learn about American culture, and help get accustomed to life in the U.S. You can participate in our English conversation partner program, get an American friendships partner, participate in one of our English conversation classes, or learn more about American culture with other international students.

English Conversation Partners

By signing up to have an English conversation partner, you can improve your English with the help of a native English speaker. We have American volunteers who are willing to meet with you for an average of one hour per week.

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English Conversation Club

This informal club emphasizes conversational English practice. Each week a different aspect of American culture will be discussed: making friends, family life, sports, humor, and holidays.

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Culture, Conversation, and Cuisine Gatherings

These gatherings occur in American homes, are informal, and involve food and conversation about culture. This is not an ESL class, but it will be an opportunity for you to practice your English, learn about American culture, and share about your own culture. The groups will meet once a month for three months. In this way you can build your friendship with the same Americans over a period of time.

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Friendship Partner

Meet monthly & become friends with an English-speaking partner. You can do fun activities together, such as sharing a meal, touring the city, shopping, celebrating the holidays, and much more! This service is free.

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